Rana Matloub

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Installation and action

In the display space of the Kassel Art Society, a used city park bench is installed, on which visitors can sit and hear stories coming from a rucksack which lies on the floor.
The visitor can then get himself one of the modified rucksacks, and go walking with it in the city for a while.
In this way the stories, which are not related to any one place, but on the contrary create their own presentation spaces, can be set in motion out of doors.
In addition to this moment of disconnection from a fixed location, and to the medium of sound, which is almost free from space and body, there are yet further aspects.
Experience shows that the public in museums and exhibition halls hardly corresponds to the population profile of a locality. Indeed, it is often the same “usual suspects”, i. e. those interested in art, who are always at viewings in order to see and be seen. However, if the installation is presented in a context of unrestricted public gaze, the viewers now come from a true cross-section of the population. It is precisely in city centre pedestrian zones that people come together who have very different biographies, interests, experiences, and cultures.
In this regard, it is especially important to ensure that not only a museum public is reached, because the stories themselves are very heterogeneous in form and content, and they play on multiple cultural influences and biogra - phical experiences. They tolerate no compartmentalisation or exclusivity, and like life itself, they gain quality only through variety, mobility, and flexibility.
Because they create very varied imaginary spaces, it would be ideal if they themselves, and their listeners too, were to find themselves in motion.

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