Rana Matloub

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Herein, wenn’s kein Schneider ist!

Performance installation 2009





The location of this performance installation is the “15½” gallery in Cologne. It is a small space between two house walls; it has been roofed, and has thus been converted into an internal space.
At a height of about two metres an intermediate floor has been installed, which is accessed via a stepladder.
In the installation, there are many bright balloons suspended under the ceiling, and the strings that hang down from them greet the visitor as soon as he enters.
At the lower level, in the back part of the room there is a folded-up wheelchair illuminated by a spotlight.
If the visitor climbs the ladder, he sees that the upper floor is covered by a lawn, and in a wall niche there are two old-fashioned bedside table lamps and two decorated caskets, one lying inside the other. In the back corner, a woman is sitting on a yellow blanket. She has her back turned towards the observer.
Then she turns round towards him and smiles briefly without meeting his eyes, after which she returns to her original position. The visitor then hears a short story.
This story was written and recorded by the artist; here it is played from a hidden loudspeaker.




































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