Rana Matloub

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Installation 2005




The central point of this installation is a pit in which plaster moulds used to be washed out. This cavity was wallpapered, painted white, and laid with a white floor. The work is entered via a ladder. A red artificial leather beanbag invites one to sit down, to relax, and to listen to what comes out of the headphones which are installed adjacent – five of my spoken stories.
To the left of the seat and attached to a second hook, is a yellow rice sack, filled with scented basmati rice, and a mini-CD-player. Next to the rice sack hangs another set of headphones. On these, my voice is to be heard, monotonously calling “Rice, rice, rice...will you give me something sweet?...”. On the opposite wall, a picture postcard with the pattern of an oriental window grille in front of an azure blue wall has been put up, and in front of it are green plants with red flowers. On the papered wall, next to the picture, the name of the place and of the photographer has been noted in pencil.
Obliquely across from the beanbag, a television set stands on the rim of the pit. A white line can be seen, which horizontally divides the black screen. This image appears because the TV set is broken.




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