Rana Matloub

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Bagdad, Deutschland oder wo auch immer / Die Toten
Sketch books and vivid work


The two sketch books displayed, Bagdad, Deutschland oder wo auch immer (Baghdad, Germany or Wherever), with a total of 179 sheets, were created in the first half of 2003 and overwhelmingly during the Iraq war from 20 March 2003.
They are an artistic diary, in which Rana Matloub links her good and bad childhood memories of Baghdad to the current media reports, and to those from her relatives in Iraq, together with her thoughts and feelings.
The vivid work Die Toten (The Dead) shows small figures of unbaked clay laid in folded household cloths; the figures are partially damaged, broken, and crumpled.
In Muslim countries, the dead are often wrapped in white cloths, and buried in them. Instead of this, it may be imagined that in poor families, household cloths such as table cloths, bed sheets, or hand towels are sometimes used for this purpose, especially in emergency situations such as a war. For this reason, used dish towels were selected for this work.


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